Let's Talk It All


Season 3 / Show #11 - October 24, 2019  (Click to Listen)  Jeff & Anvil explore the Godzilla myth and then jump into Sasquatch stories from around the area.

Season 3 / Show #SE01 - October25, 2019  (Click to Listen)  Sasquatch Investigation … This is a Bonus show … Jeff and Anvil find themselves out in the field looking for Sasquatch.  Headed to some of the locations that were talked about in Show #11 the boys spend a Friday night in the middle of the boondocks ….

Season 3 / Show #10 - October 17,  2019  (Click to Listen)  Jeff and Anvil jump in TV, Mind control, UFO's, Changes in our DNA in the last 10years, Roswell and more … 

Season 3 / Show #12 - October 31, 2019  (Click to Listen)  The TREAT … 1st hour with Anvil talking about Halloween Facts and Stats, the 2nd hour a rebroadcast of the 1938 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds … may not be scary today but in 1938 people panicked and some actually killed them selves rather than being captured by Aliens.

Season 3 / Show #09 - October  10, 2019  (Click to Listen)  Jeff & Anvil mixing politics and the paranormal this show.  Trump, Zac, Russia, Syria, South park, China and much, much more