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Born in the ’60s … a child of the ’70s ….. coming of age in the ’80s … Anvil has been from here to there and back at least once.  It’s not the Years it’s the Mileage that makes the Man, and if it didn’t kill you it damn sure made you stronger.  Death has come several times over the years but has yet to claim its prize,  vehicle rollovers … aortic aneurisms … surgical procedures and more has made there best effort and failed..

WORK HISTORY – Gas stations, Grocery Stores., Arcades, Security (public, private & personal), Firearms dealer, firearms instructor, Paramedic, Ambulance driver, Big box retail manager, Tarot card reader & instructor, Small business owner, Bouncer, Barback. 

EDUCATION – Regents Graduate from High School,  Paramedic Training,  Peace office training,  37+ years in the Workforce,  self taught computer skills.

TODAY – Casino table games dealer, Paranormal Investigator, Author, Radio show host, Husband, StepFather & Grandfather